David Vogt



Marine Combat Veteran Conservative State Delegate 2010 Marine of the Year

David Vogt is a conservative Maryland State Delegate, a Marine combat veteran, and the 2010 Marine of the Year.  He is running for Congress to be your conservative “boots on the ground” in Washington, D.C.  David’s campaign has been endorsed by over 30 conservative leaders from across the state of Maryland, and his message of common-sense conservative solutions has resonated across the 6th Congressional District.

In Annapolis, David has consistently fought to cut taxes, to balance the budget, to protect life, to uphold the Second Amendment, and to keep Maryland safe.  David passed a jobs bill for veterans, has led the fight against PARCC testing and Common Core standards, and introduced legislation this session that would strip the tax-exempt status of any mosque with terrorist ties.  David is pro-gun, pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Constitution.

In Afghanistan, David fought for our country.  He deployed in 2010 to help in the military’s efforts to prosecute terrorists, and his dedication to service led to him being named the 2010 Marine of the Year.

As your Congressman, David will fight the Obama/Clinton liberal agenda, and he will stand with conservatives to secure the border, cut taxes, balance the budget, and protect life and the Second Amendment.  On April 26th, cast your vote for a true conservative.  Cast your vote for David Vogt.